family photo alum

Fine Art Book ~ Recently I compiled and designed a very special book for the boys and their grandparents, displaying some of the most memorable moments over the past 2 years, since they were born. I called these books the ‘Boys Books’ closing off the 1st Chapter of the Ollie (6 months) and Lennon’s (3) life time so far. These books are very special, a complete compendium of photos, including the day both boys were born, through to meeting there extended families and some of their friends. I also included some of the memorable holidays we have been on. I even incorporated some photographs of some not so great times, when the boys were sick! All moments, good and bad have created our lives to this point and what a whirlwind ride of a life it has been! This little album, 6x6 inches in size is so special and such a beautiful project to have completed. Now the books, 3 in total are with us, to have and to hold and cherish for ever. I titled the book ‘Wurinya’ as that is the name of the street we live on